Hi, I am Megan

I am 28 years young. I have a partner of 5 years named Alan, together we have a dog and reside in the phoenix metro area. I live to adventure to new places and create magic. When describing myself, I would use the words loud, compassionate, type A, empathetic, passionate, ambitious, and cheer leader/ hype girl. If someone was to ask me the top passions in my life I would have to say; my love for love and my love for world exploration. Both passions which allow me to write and tell stories with poetic imagery. Simply put, there is something so special about capturing a story for others to feel over and over again. To share these stories with the world, the big ones and the small, the quiet and loud, the understated and overstated. Photography is a way to express life through my eyes. It is a way for me to show you how uniquely wonderful you are; how wonderful your loved ones see you.

Photography is not just about clicking buttons, its about being there to facilitate the day, help when needed, story tell, hype you up, and ultimately create a magic that you can immerse yourself in even after your day has gone. I hope to hear from you soon.